Speedometer Cables

This is an original A-22 Speedometer Cable, links are there, but need some repair.

$ 20.00

I have another perfect one

$ call for pricing

Radiator Badges

These enameled repros are EXACT copies of the original radiator badge. They were made in France...Beautiful!!


We also have originals that need restoration.
Call or e-mail Durant28@comcast.net for images and pricing.

Misc Oil Gauges

Here are a few Oil gauges. Call or e-mail for pricing

All need some TLC.

NOS replacement Oil gears


Delco Remy Distributor A-22

Broken edge near clip


Cap $60.00

NEW Distributor Housing and Distributor

An original housing and distributor is shown on the right. Sorry, the original is not for sale. Compare this to the new manufacuture on the left.

Call for Pricing.

Distributor Gears

These distributor gears are manufactured exactly as the originals. Pin and gear...

$ 50.00

A-22 Front end complete,
or 4 Rims, 4 Tires, Hubcaps,
Parts or whole.

Call or e-mail durant28@comcast.net with your needs and I will give you a quote or I can send more detailed images

Used Ignition plates

Three available



C. With trim ring

Dash Trim

Five available



C. With trim ring



Call or e-mail for pricing...

e-mail durant28@comcast.net
or Call

802 362-4808 eves
until 10:00 pm EST

We will try to quickly respond to your requests, but please keep in mind that I do this for pleasure, and on a part time basis. If you are in need of something immediately, please call the phone number above.