Ryan Lenses

11" Pair

Complete Vintage Headlights,
Trims, Bezels, Doors, For Sale

Here are a few of the Complete Headlight Assemblies
that we have on hand.
This is not our specialty, but we do come across a few now and then
We also have some used, trim, and door pieces, a few shown below.
Please email or call if your car is not on my lists.
I just can not get the time to put everything up online,
but do have hundreds in stock.

To order see my HOME page

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Lenses only

1933 Graham

Call for our other Brands:

Check out the Lens List of flat lenses and for Convex listings for other brands....

To name a few:

TiltRay, Glolite, BiRay, Guide, Guide Ray, Sealed Beam, Patterson, Twolite, Spreadlite, Bausch & Lomb,
Depress Beam, Solar, Stabilite, Multibeam, Twilight, Riteway,
Violet Lens by Smith,
Flex Beam, Riteway, C.M. Hall, Tractor Light, Holophane, Primolite, MiroTilt, Clamert, More-lite, Warner, Controlite, Corning Conaphore, Legalite, Liberty, National, Osgood, Tumey, Tribeam, Benzer, Corcoran, Hall, Green Moon, MacBeth, Alpheco,
and many others!!

Unknown Shield Style

fitted with a shaler lens

Early Lincoln HL
Bausch & Lomb

Beautiful example of
an early HL

Chevrolet HL Pair

complete with glass.

Early Chevrolet HL with lens

only have one but do have lenses plenty of original Lenses

Ryan Headlight
Deco design on back.

Used condition, no cracks

9" Pair

Early DeSoto
Headlight Pair

clean them up and you are
ready to go!

1930s Packard HL

Purchase glass separately

Early Cadillac HL

complete with glass

Another Early
Packard HL

No Trim or glass


Complete with glass

Dietz Truck HL

complete with glass

extra glass available

Oakland HL

We have replacement glass and the matching cowl lamps and lenses.

Please e-mail me at durant28@comcast.net for total cost and purchasing information.
(if you are having trouble with this mail link working. Please type my address into your mail program manually)

If you get no reply from me in a few days... try oldcarlenses@gmail.com

We have more units, Trims, Bezels, and proper lenses to fit

E-mail durant28@comcast.net
oldcarlenses@gmail.com or Call

802 362-4808
10:00 a. m. to 8 p.m. EST

Last Updated 2/2/16
Tiltray HL set

complete with glass

B-L-C Headlamp

complete with glass
and Park Lens