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Here are just a few of the many types and sizes we have.
If you don't see yours here, contact us and we will search our huge inventory.
Please specify dimension and type you are seeking.
If you are unsure, Measure the O. D. required and email, or call to discuss.
If you see any numbers or markings on your glass, let me know.
We aim to Please.

Some are Flat and some are Convex. Milkglass, Frosted Glass, Patterned Glass,
Clear Plain, Convex and Flat. Made by C. M. Hall, Corning, Mckee, and others.

Some of these are large and are for Railroad, or very old lanturns.

There is now 3 pages of images. see links below

Call or email me with the file name and I will quote it for you.

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More images loose Cowl, Fender, and other small glass pieces. Click for the First page

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We also have COMPLETE cans with or without glass take a moment to browse here.
if for some reason you do not hear from me... try

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