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My 1928 Durant Model 75

e-mail me at durant28@comcast.net or Call

802 362-4808 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST

We do our best to quickly respond to your requests, but please keep in mind that I do this for pleasure, and on a part time basis.
If you are in need of something immediately,
please CALL me. I am not a good email guy.

We will gladly assist you to the best of our abiliies. We can send you images by e-mail or by snail mail, prior to your purchase to help with your decisions.
Serious inquiries only Please.
These inquires are time consuming. I try to keep my costs as low as possible, but these parts are becoming harder and harder to find. I spend plenty of time and money searching shows, storing and keeping a data base of my inventory, and lastly... the time consuming labor of pulling the part off vehicles.
Keep in mind that most of these parts are in used condition. If you have a problem with it, or if it is not the correct part,
I will gladly take it back and refund your money.
But I can not pay for the shipment cost.
You will have to pay for both ways.
Payment is required up front, and I will refund your money once the item is returned.

If you are outside of the United States, and the parts you require are large, please have a means of shipping already planned. Otherwise you will have to pay my hourly wage rate to crate up and get the parts to an international shipping location, and pay duty fees.

We will ship all over the world.
Payment in US funds only.

Updated 1/25/15


1929 Durant Model 60 sedan
Click here to see it.