We currently have fairly large selection of Hardware and Glass for Durant Products. Along with our sister site OldCarLenses.com. We are constantly looking for more at every show and as you all know they are becoming more scarce, so the costs for these pieces have gone up.

Describing the details of what you are looking for is VERY important. If you have a lens available, check it out with a magnifying glass and let me know the size that is SOMETIMES marked on the glass edge.
If they have notches, make a note of them. See the notch guide shown below. Note that some manufacturers made MANY sizes of the same lens type. Some manufacturers made 15 or 20 different sizes in the same basic pattern.
e-mail me at: Durant28@comcast.net with any questions you may have, I will gladly try to help. If that email is not working try: oldcarlenses@gmail.com. If you are trying to match a lens you already have, It is also helpful to Trace your lens on a piece of paper and mail it to me. Call for my Address and I will help you.

See my LIST or other brands.

Images shown are a sampling of what is available. They vary in conditon.
I will send you an image before you buy.

Smith Lenses used on Star and Rugby Drum type Cans

Smiths come in two styles, one has the Box like pattern on all levels, the other is missing the box pattern of the top and bottom row.
Some are Pinker than others, or just clear. Make sure to give me the size (sometimes it is marked on top), box pattern type, color, and location of notches. Matching pinks are nearly impossible. Buy a matched pair and I will consider taking your existing Lens in trade.

$150.00 Per Lens

I also carry MANY other headlight glass, maybe I can help you with the size you need, but in a different pattern, made by a different manufacturer.
E-mail durant28@comcast.net or call for quote.
See my List for other brands

Star "R"
Bullet shaped Headlights.

Also Used on Early Durant M2 (when Durant no longer offered the Star 4 it was converted into the Durant Model M2 late (1927-1928)

These are ORIGINAL Star 6 Bullet Headlamps.
They are used condition
Trim is in decent condition.
Ridged silver reflector, clear glass Lens on some. We can also supply connector and bulbs.

$ 275.00 pair complete

Star or Rugby Original Drum shaped Headlights.

These are ORIGINAL Star Drum Headlamps.
Some have a screw type Rim closure, as shown here, some are with small metal clips under the Rim. Please request type prefered
They are used condition. Silver is in decent condition.

$ 275.00 pair w/o Glass

Alpheco Lenses NOS

I have a few of these left, that fit my Star and Rugby "Like" Cans perfectly!! They are NOS and were never on a car. Check out the box pattern, shown above. It is not exactly like the Smiths, but seems to look nice on the Star!!

$40.00 pair

Durant or Rugby Bullet shaped Headlights
and GLOLITE lens

These are ORIGINAL DURANT Bullet Headlamps.They are used condition.
All Black or ALL Nickel, trim is Nickel on both. See glass prices below

Black Can, Nickel Rim
NO Lens
$ 150.00 each

All Nickel Finish Can and Rims, NO Lens
$ 225.00-$275.00 each (depending upon condition of nickel plate)

GLOLITE Lens for any of the above
$225.00 each

Star and Rugby "Like" Drum shaped Headlights.

These are a CLOSE MATCH to the original Star Drum Headlamps. They are slightly larger. Nickle is in decent condition. Also see image above, with this can showing Alpheco Lens mounted inside.

Not too Shabby!!

$ 250.00 pair w/o Glass

$ 270.00 pair w/ Alpheco Glass

(available stock is limited)

A-22 or Early Durant Big Drum Headlights

These are Big Cans that were used on Early Trucks. They may also be good for Flints. Currently there is a set of Tiltray slightly convex Glass Lens installed. I do have other lens types available if you want a different pattern.

$ 175.00 each

A-22 Cowl Light Cans

Sorry, Trim was SOLD,
I currently have 3 cans no trim. I do have many other types of Cowls. Contact us for the price of those.

$25 each can

Generic Cowl

Here is a neat set of Cowl lights. They have a colored glass gem on the side. One Red and one Blue. We have 100's of other cowl lights. Call or email for images.

$150.00 for the pair

See My Cowl light Glass List on www.oldcarlenses.com

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