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HOW TO ORDER Early Glass

    • BRAND and SIZE: It is not sufficient to specify only the brand name when ordering Lenses — the size must be given as well.
      Some manufacturers made 15 or 20 different sizes that are measured with differences as small as 1/64!!
      Please be careful and get the proper information to me. Some later cars had a more critical fit and the glass was made to fit in a more custom manner. Most of these do not have interchangeable alternatives.
    • If there are no sizes marked, measure the outside edge (O.D.) "A" and the prism edge, inside dimension
      (I.D.)"B" (see guide below). These should be measured as closely as 1/64.
      If you can not get a good measurement, make a rubbing of the face of the glass. Mail it to me the old fashioned way.
      I will try to match it. Please do not send a picture of a ruler behind your glass. It distorts and will not give me the acurate measurement I need.
    • Make a note of where the Notches are. See the notch guide shown here.

If you can NOT find the specific brand for your vehicle, I have many others that are suitable, and period correct.
I will gladly recommend a fit for you. If you would like to see what other makes look like,
e-mail me and I will send you a picture, to help with your choice.

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I will ship anywhere.

I charge a $3.00 packing fee, and my actual cost for shipping.
I am well known for my expert packaging to insure your antique glass arrives as promised!

• Continental U.S. shipments
I Ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail.
some lenses are higher, because of size or depth,.
Insurance is mandatory (if available for your country) cost is based upon value.

• Other Countries
I recommend US Priority International (6-10 days to most countries).
Insurance is required (if available to your country),
e-mail for costs.

Sorry I do NOT offer priority express mail to foreign countries.

Click here to go to USPS rate calculator

Payment must be made in US Funds.


Postal Money Order (my first preference) available at all US Post Offices for a minor fee.

• Money Orders from Walmart, Drug Stores, or a Bank Cashiers Check.

Western Union (my first preference for international orders)

Sorry we no longer accept PayPal

BEFORE sending any payment, Please e-mail me at for total cost and purchasing information.
(if you are having trouble with this mail link working. Please type my address into your mail program manually)

If you get no reply from me in a few days... try
for some reason international emails are not reaching me, please keep trying, or call

It is a Pleasure to Help You

I hope I have something that you can use.
I love this hobby and it pleases me to help you complete
your fabulous automobile!!
Please send me pictures of you car, and someday I will post them to this site.
I would love to see my lenses in use, and hear about your restoration.
Everyone has their story to tell about their love of a vintage vehicle... Let's hear yours!

Many thanks to all of you who have let me know how pleased you are with your lenses.
Some have taken years to find what they need.

I do this for fun, not for profit, prices reflect the endless time and energy it takes
to properly find, care for, store, update a database containing all the information, and maintain this webpage.
These old parts and lenses are becoming more and more scarce.
If you know of a specific lens application
I would love to know about it.
If you are happy, I am happy.

Please do not e-mail me to identify lenses you have found or inherited.
I am not in business to provide identification or free appraisals. Sorry.

I reserve my energies to supply glass to those that are in need.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

1950-1980 Tails, etc
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More to come!
More to come!

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We are always getting in new inventory
I prefer this e-mail:
(if you are having trouble with this mail link working. Please type my address into your mail program manually)
If you do not hear from me in a few days,
try, this e-mail address is often the one that works best for international customers,
If you still can not get the mail to go through, type in my e-mail address in manually.
or Call
802 362-4808 with your requests (10 a.m.-8 p.m. EST)

Please note that if you are calling from outside the USA... I can not return your call.. Please call again!

If I can not help you right away, I will hold onto your request and contact you if it ever comes in.

Please let me know if the links on this site are not working properly,
or if you can not read the contents clearly.
Thank you.

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