Spark Advance

$ 35.00 Nickle is in fair condition

Vacuum Float

Brand New

$ 135.00

Other Model exterior Door Handles, Trunk lid handle

A. $15.00 B. $10.00 C. SOLD

Interior Window handles, and assorted other

$ 50.00 all

Durant Hub Caps

2 3/4" from hex 3 good ones available and 2 dented.

$45.00 best conditon

$40.00 minor nicks

$15.00 dented condition

Interior Dome Lights

2 Dome lights shown Both are

$75.00 each
ote Light to right has small chip in glass, and missing on off button, there is a screw in there now.

Back seat corner Pair

$95.00 pair

Interior Light Switch


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Last Updated 1/18/10