Tail Light Lens Glass replacements
and Complete stock components.

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This is just a sampling of some of the complete tail light assemblies we carry. We also have Tons of glass to suit all makes. Please inquire. If you do not see your make and email me at durant28@comcast.net
If this email is not working, try oldcarlenses@gmail.com

Studebaker Type D
Tail Light assembly

This is an original complete Studebaker Tail Light assembly, Type D. It is in very good restorable condition, and includes all the interior parts with a reflector that is perfect, it also has all glass parts. The cresent shaped glass has some broken off areas, but fits tightly in the mount and only has a small broken section that is seen once mounted.

It has been checked and lit up as shown.
I also have another one in case you want to add a match to the other side.

Multi-part generic Tail lights

Shown above are three tail lights that could be used as replacements for any large car that is missing a tail light assembly. The long slot was where the car make was shown. These areas can be filled with plain or colored glass.
They are all NORS, complete except for gooseneck. They are clean and ready to restore. You can also wire them to use as directionals. I have lots of glass to fit.

4" Round Stop

Red Glass simple mounting.

I also have many styles of stop similar to this one, and extra loose STOP lenses.

Unique Early Tailights

Above: Green "SLO" glass. Red concentric circle Stop glass below.

red concentric below.

Cor Co 57-
Stop Glass with Deep Red Bullet

Can and glass in very good condition. We also have a RED glass Stop for these.

Early Small Stoverlite

Red STOP glass, concentric red below.
Complete light or faceplate only with Lower glass.

Finally a replacement lens
to complete your light.

One single piece lens assembly
includes stop and concentric section.

Early Stoverlite Tailight

Red STOP glass, concentric red below. clear area to place the name of the vehicle

Small scale Tailights

Really nice for motorcycles. The one below is Hex shaped both have concentric red glass.

Dietz Tail light Assembly suitable for a truck

or remove the stand and use on a car
Ready to restore

Actuo Tail light
C.M. Hall

Very Good condition, needs a bit
of cleanup.

Brown Bi-Lite

some in used conditon,
some cracks on
top of body.
No breaks on glass.

Many extra replacement lenses and Bezels avail.


Clear and Green Glass stop Topper, Bobber

some cracks on trim near the green lens.

I have alternate glass
so you can make these
into turn signal lights

Triple Ace

Tail with three brilliant lights.

Arrow 41
Tail light

This complete and
a few glass lens

Early Hudson
Essex Type A
Tail light

This is about 3 1/4" wide

Currently only one available.
I have many others that are unmarked, all with this trim.
There are also other Plain types where lens is held in with a snap ring.

Tail light

Amber fluted upper
lens Red concentric with full cup type licence marker lens.

Nice replacement for
hard to find
1927- 1928 Whippet or Falcon Knight

Early Dodge

Very nice condition.

Also many replacement lenses that fit a few makes
of cars.

1939 Graham Tail
light assembly NOS

factory primed and ready to install
rights and lefts perfect RED glass.

Sorry I do not have any other Loose glass for these. Many repros are orange, and not a deep red.

Motorcycle Tail light

Fantastic condition.. Ready to chrome or paint

Tail light

with or without
license bracket.

Many replacement lenses available too.

Center marker

All glass intact, needs work.

We also have the Coupe longer version complete.

We also carry the marker glass.

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Nash Tail Lights
(1) Complete NOS with Stand

All glass intact, needs Cleanup.
NAMCO or Staub marked on the top

"Nash" Tail Light Glass

We also have: extra lower red glass,
NASH Top glass, Top glass without any "NASH"
clear center glass and extra plain bezels.

These parts also fit other lights for a few makes of cars.