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11" Pair

Specialty Lens Images

Here are a few of the Unusual Convex, Dish type and
Flat Lenses that we have on hand.
These are all NOS and in fabulous condition for being 70+ years old.
Some are still in their factory boxes.
Please call if your cars glass is not on my lists.
I just can not put everything up, but do have most in stock.

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1931-1933 Auburn
8-98, 8-101

Perfect Flat Glass Pair ready and waiting to be used!

I also have cowl glass for this car too!

Call for our other Brands:

Check out the Lens List of flat lenses and for Convex listings for other brands....

To name a few:

TiltRay, Glolite, BiRay, Guide, Guide Ray, Sealed Beam, Patterson, Twolite, Spreadlite, Bausch & Lomb, Depress Beam, Solar, Stabilite, Multibeam, Twilight, Riteway,
Violet Lens by Smith,
Flex Beam, Riteway, C.M. Hall, Tractor Light, Holophane, Primolite, MiroTilt, Clamert, More-lite, Warner, More-Lite, Controlite, Corning Conaphore, Corning Prismatic, Legalite, Liberty, National, Osgood, Tumey, Tribeam, Benzer, Corcoran Brown, Hall, Green Moon, MacBeth, Smith, Blue Violet, Sun Ray, Shaler. Ryan, Primolite, Johnson, Alpheco, Clamert, Sills, LeeKnight, Legalite, Flintex, and many others!!

Some Perfect NOS and some lightly used.. whatever fits your budget.

Flex Beam for a
1933 Chrysler Royal and Six CO - 6 cylinder
and CT -8 cylinder. or
1933 Chrysler Six CA and CB
-6 cylinder

Perfect Convex compound shaped.

Riteway Pairs for a
1939 Chrysler Royal, Imperial,
or Custom Imperial.

I have a few of these. Some in original Autolite Boxes. Look at the depth of glass. Marked:
The Corcoran Brown Lamp Co.
Tabbed Top and Bottom.

McKeelite 9 1/2" Pair

NOS Very Special Rare unused Pair. Totally flat, no edges. They Flush mount. Thicker than the average McKeelites at 5/16" Thickness. Quality vintage glass for your 1912+ era autos as a change from plain clear glass, or Could be a nice alternative for Pierce Arrow. Great looking vertical flutes.
They have the typical McKeelite typeface on the bottom.

Stabilite for
1939 Willys 40K

In perfect NOS condition.

Early Studebaker

Wheel and Banner LOGO on a McKeelite Lens NOS

Wheel and banner logo on top.
All in perfect condition.

Flexbeam Oval
1934 DeSoto Airflow (US)
1936 DeSoto Airflow S-2 (Canada only)

Perfect NOS pairs and singles. I also have the same exact lens shape in the ....

BiRay pattern to fit a 1936 DeSoto Airflow S-2 (US)

Flex Beam for a
1933 DeSoto SD Custom

Great NOS pair

We also have the Standard Type
as well

1931-32 Hudson Oval Glass Pair

Great original NOS pairs.

We have many other Hudson years available

Flat and Convex
and the Cowl and Tail Glass, and units too!

Stabilite OVAL to fit:
1932 Studebaker 6-55, Dictator 8-62, Commander 8-71, President 8-91 (US)

1933 Studebaker 6-56, 63, 72, Commander 8-73, Speedway President 8-92, President 8-82

Great NOS pair of Studebaker "Ovaloid" Headlights and lenses (available in three different patterns specific for other years) and other round lenses for most all years. Includeds: Mckeelite, Tiltray, Glolite, Stabilite, Control Beam, Etc.

1933 - 36 Willys
Oval lenses

Perfect Pair!

We have this size in flat and convex.

Ryan Headlight Lenses and Units

Used condition, no cracks, also have a couple of complete units. In three sizes.

A wide selection of original NOS Ford Model A Lenses.

These are not reproductions... Great for a different look, or original Twolite, or early flute pattern. Plain vertical flute has Ford logo as does the Twolite patterns. Why buy junk made in China? when you can get these?

1935-37-38 Hupmobile HL Lens and trim set,
Rare Pair!

Used original Stock Pair in excellent condition. Trim is bright chrome, minor ding in one. You dont see many of these around anymore!

1933 Graham Headlight Lenses Flexbeam and Depress Beam

Dillon Lenses for Early Cars

Unique deep Pie plate shape, some have a more complex pattern.

We also have hundreds of other early Unique patterns that were available for the first electric lights. Let us know your needs!
Great for customs, to get that one of a kind look.

MacBeth Green Eyebrow and
Blue Violet "Visor"

Available in many sizes. Call with your needs. Many in original boxes. Give your car that
special look.

Small scale lenses for Motorcycles

Many original and other patterns available in Flat Glass and Convex.

Includes MOTO light, and

1920s Stearns Knight Logo Lens Pair

NOS originals... rare with
Spelled out logo

1930 Willys Knight 66-A and 66-B

Plaidside HL pairs.

NOS originals... rare size.

Early Clear Convex Glass

Many sizes from small to 10 1/4"

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Last Updated 2/5/16

1920's Stutz HL Pair

Earlier version has "STUTZ" written on the face, the other lens has a cutout for the Stutz HL trim detail.

Graham Sharknose headlight glass.

All NOS originals

and Complete tail light assemblies.

All NOS unused factory wired and primed, ready to go!

I also have a few loose tail light lenses.