USA-Made Original & Glass & Plastic Lenses

We do NOT reproduce lenses.

We have many Thousands of USA made original Lenses, Original NOS Headlight Lenses, Plain Clear Convex or Flat Glass for early cars, Tail light Lenses, License Plate Glass, Cowl, Fender, Parking Lights, Reverse Lights, Dash gauge Glass, Spot lights, turn signal lights, and more, don’t hesitate to ask.

For Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods, Motorcycles and Tractors, from 1900s-1980s.

Sorry we do not carry foreign made lenses.

Describe your needs and we will search our database.
We also carry some vintage Bulbs and Gaskets for early cars.

HOW TO ORDER Early Glass

Some manufacturers made 15 or 20 different sizes that are measured with differences as small as 1/64!!

Please be careful and get the proper information to me. Some later cars had a more critical fit and the glass was made to fit in a more custom manner.

If there are no sizes marked, measure the outside edge (O.D.) “A” and the prism edge, inside dimension

(I.D.)”B” (see guide below). These should be measured as closely as 1/64.

If you cannot get a good measurement, make a rubbing of the face of the glass. Mail it to me the old-fashioned way.

Make a note of where the Notches are. See the notch guide shown here.