Cowl-Fender Lenses

Here Are Just a Few Of The Many Types & Sizes We Have

Some of these lenses are Convex, and others are Flat, and others have unique shapes. This also includes Fender light lenses, and some parts for BU lights, and early Light units with small size glass, in many colors.

If you don’t see your needs here, contact us and we will search our huge inventory. Please specify the dimensions and the type you are seeking.

If you are unsure, measure the O.D. you require.

We also have some complete units. Call or Email for info.

Some are Flat and some are Convex. Milkglass, Frosted Glass, Patterned Glass, Clear Plain, Convex and Flat. Made by C. M. Hall, Corning, Mckee, and others. Some of these are large and are for Railroad, or very old lanturns.